´Ě»Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Eric Kufs is one part crooner, one part protest singer and every part artist. Belonging to the generation of independent recording musicians using today's newest home recording techniques, Eric's time performing in Southern California began seven years ago in local clubs and venues. With the lyrical poignancy of a Will Oldham, the dynamic voice of a Van Morrison, and the passion of a Bruce Springsteen, his prowess eventually led to performances around the world.

In 2005, he released an album of original songs recorded on the streets of Santa Monica. As the main songwriter for indie folk band Common Rotation, Kufs has also released six full-length records and written nearly a thousand songs. 

With Common Rotation, he has recorded with the likes of They Might be Giants and Indigo Girls as well as and own songwriting hero and mentor, renowned singer/songwriter Dan Bern. Now, on his new solo EP, he has traded in the ironic folk element of past work for a more sincere, soulful 70s pop sound. 

Armed with his guitar and voice, Kufs continues to reach out to his audience through his work whether on a street corner or beneath the stage lights.